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Don't waste your entire day doing your weekly laundry. Let Intracoastal Cleaners do your laundry for you! When you use our laundry pickup and delivery service we will come to you. We will pick up your dirty clothes right off of your doorstep. We take your laundry back to our facility where we carefully wash and dry your clothes for you. Then we return your clothes back to you clean, neatly folded and ready to wear. Take some time for yourself and let us take care of your laundry.


Our Laundry Service Has You Covered

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Pickup & Delivery

Try our pickup and delivery laundry service. You will never want to do your own laundry again.

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Commercial Laundry

If you own a business that generates dirty laundry, let us do it for you.



Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per Pound

**$45 Minimum Order

Pickup &
Delivery Service
(As Needed)
Per Pound

**$45 Minimum Order

About Us!

I decided to get into the laundry pickup and delivery business because I saw a need for it in my community. People are so busy these days there isn't time to spend all day doing laundry. So I teamed up with my neighbor, who has been doing laundry for years, and we created Intracoastal Cleaners. Give our service a try and save yourself loads of time.

Specials & Promotions

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FREE Laundry Bag

Get a FREE laundry bag with your first order.

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Leave us a review on Yelp and get 10% off of your next order!

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